Le Musée du Vignoble et des Vins d'Alsace KIENTZHEIM - 68

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Comments from the Visitors' Book

"Beautiful museum, very interesting" (from Netherlands)

"Excellent collection of historical" (from Boston, USA)

"Great museum. Thank you for saving this history"

"Lovely museum, very informative"
(Patty from Vancouver)

"A very interesting and enjoyable visit."
(Richard and Barbara from Scotland)

"A very nice wine museum. We were happy to visit."
(A Chinese family)

"Very nice and informant exhibition."
(a Sweden family)


- May 11th, 2017 -
The members of former " Banque Populaire" employees' association visit the museum.


- June 2016 -
The members of the History society in Gueberschwihr (between Colmar and Rouffach) visit the museum.


- June 21st, 2015 -
A group of European functionaries visit the Museum of Alsatian Wines and Vineyard


- 2015 -
Vintage car club ( 150 members in Alsace, Luxembourg,
Germany and Switzerland) stop off in Kientzheim to visit the Museum.


A special interest in the museum

In a previous release of the “Haut-Rhin Magazine” appeared an article by Céline Reibel with beautiful illustrations by Christian Heinrich :

“Having visited this museum, no one could doubt that the wine grower's craft resembles bel canto and that wine contributes in the highest degree to the art of fine living in Alsace.

Visiting the three floors of exhibits, we are plunged into a world of traditions, of expertise and of beauty. For here everything is beautiful. From the two majestic screw wine presses of 1640 and 1716 to the most modest tools used for working in the vines, and including the wine pumps, the bottling and corking devices.

After visiting this remarkable museum you will certainly never raise a glass of wine to your lips quite as you did before."

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